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The dashcam footage shows a friendly Uber driver pulling out all the stops to make his rattled passenger feel better.

Many of us use rideshares like Uber and Lyft frequently, without thinking about the dangers that can come from them. While we often hear stories about drivers who are up to no good, there are also drivers who are looking out for us, ready to intervene at a moment’s notice. One driver recently showed how important it is for look out for their passengers’ safety.

What One Uber Driver Found as He Pulls Up to His Passenger

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Photo by Jackson David

The Youtube channel Dustin is Driving shows videos of dashcam footage from Ubers and Lyfts. The goal of the channel is to teach both drivers and passengers best practices with regards to how to behave in rideshare situations. The channel covers everything from the mundane to the flat out dangerous.

One video shared by Dustin, called “Uber Driver Saves Woman From A Creepy Situation” shared one of the scarier events a driver can face. In the video, the driver, a middle-aged man wearing a black t-shirt, pulls up to his passenger.

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He is immediately faced with a creepy, aggressive man trying to pull his passenger away — instead of staying quiet or driving away however, the driver decides to intervene. 

The dashcam video shows the driver yelling at the creepy man from inside the car, repeatedly telling him to back off. When the man doesn’t budge, the driver gets out of the car and continues yelling at the man to back off and leave his passenger alone.

The creepy man finally acquiesces, telling the driver not to “freak out.” In response, the driver tells the man, “Yeah, I’m going to freak out because you’re freaking her out” in reference to his passenger. The man leaves and the driver and the woman speed away. 

Knowing his dashcam was rolling, the driver begins asking his passenger questions, like whether or not she had been physically hurt.

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After asking her several times if she wanted him to call the police, an offer which she declines, the driver shifts his focus to calming the passenger and helping her feel safe. 

“I’m here not only to give you a ride but to keep you safe,” the Uber driver is heard saying.

He continues to tell her that everything is alright and that she’s safe.

How One Uber Driver Proved Everyone Can Be a Hero

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

The video wraps with Dustin reiterating how much the driver in the situation helped the young woman and reminding viewers that it is their responsibility to look out for those around them. He warns, however, that it isn’t always the best idea to get out of the car and to be wary of scammers who fake this type of scuffle to distract drivers and steal from them. Nevertheless, in this situation, the driver did the right thing. Viewers were touched by the driver’s actions, leaving comments like: 

“’My job is to protect YOU!’ he said that as a person, not a driver… this seriously made gravity more intense for a minute… whew…” YouTube user PeaceLoveAndRico wrote.

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“He was wonderful with her. So reassuring. The guy’s a hero. Most heroes don’t realize they’re heroes until something comes up and they act on instinct before they really even have a chance to think about it. Bless him. Hope she’s well out of the situation she was going through,” YouTube user Wendy Butler wrote.

The YouTube commenters are right. Most heroes are just everyday people who act on instinct in order to help someone close to them. We all have the opportunity to be heroes daily, we just have to act! 


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