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Laura Cuniff’s brilliant trick resonated so well with parents on TikTok, it’s gone viral! Now, thousands of moms and dads are getting on-board with her clever hack.

Shouting through the house to call your kids out of their bedrooms for dinner may be effective, but it sure feels annoying sometimes, especially when you have to repeat yourself.

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Laura Cuniff, a mom on TikTok, came up with a genius solution to this everyday dilemma – and it involves doorbells. 

Using Doorbells to Call Kids From Their Rooms

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Cuniff, who posts under the username @inside_our_riverside on TikTok, shared a video showing her brilliant hack in action. She put doorbells inside one of her kitchen cupboards, and linked them to a different child’s room. Now, instead of shouting, she presses the buttons to let the kids know that dinner is ready. It’s better for her vocal chords, but it’s also helpful for one of her children with special needs. 

“I came up with the idea because our youngest son is autistic and very noise sensitive, so we were struggling to call the kids down without him grabbing his ears,” she told The Mirror. “We had an old doorbell from our previous house and we tried it out and it worked a treat so we put one in each of the three older children’s rooms! It’s brilliant because the noise of the bell cuts through their headphones.” 

The TikTok video has resonated with thousands of parents who understand the pain of shouting through the house to get their kids to join for dinner. “I’ve done this and it works great. Less shouting and if they ignore, I just keep pressing until they appear,” wrote one commenter.  

“OMG!!! I have been racking my brain trying to figure something out. I’m so tired of screaming like a banshee!! Thank you!!!” added another TikTok user. 

Try the New Parenting Hack With the Avantek Doorbell Kit

Avantek Doorbell Kit with musical notes drifting from its speaker in a family living room
Credit: Amazon.com

Ready to try this parenting hack yourself? The AVANTEK wireless doorbell kit is a great choice. It comes with a push button and two receivers that you can place in different rooms of the house. You can purchase additional receivers as needed. The ultra-long wireless range means that the doorbell will work even if you have a large home with multiple floors. 

The doorbell kit is easy to install. All you need is an electric socket for each receiver. The transmitter features a low-consumption lithium battery with a three-year maximum lifespan. It’s also waterproof, which is convenient if you’re going to be pressing the button while in the kitchen. 

Choose between 52 tunes and five volume levels or, even better, let your kids customize them based on their preferences. 

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